‘A leader is simply one who goes first’

– Athena Melchizedek

Athena is a pioneer for new consciousness on the planet.

Her balanced embodiment of the feminine and masculine energetic principles underpins all her work and her own extraordinary transformational journey is the key to the successful outcomes enjoyed by her clients. 

Athena specialises in Group Mentoring and Group Energy Management for heart-centered Visionary Pioneers, empowering them to discover and transmute unconscious behavioural patterns that limit the life experience and creative possibilities.

Her experience over the past 20 years has confirmed the massive acceleration that occurs for all when we do this work together and that individual process is highly amplified when synergised and supported by group energy.

She holds Degrees in Advanced Psycho-Energetics, Energy Healing Science and Remote Energy Transmission from BBSH plus an MSc in Psychosocial and Integrative Health Science for those who require credentials. But owns the mirror of her life experience has been her greatest teacher.

She published THE QUANTUM KEYS – Unlock Your Energetic Intelligence in 2017.  The book describes a pathway to self-realisation and the synergy of modern science and ancient wisdom that characterizes all her work. 

She has studied with, and been initiated by, the great Yogi, Sadhguru at the Isha Foundation in Coimbatore, India and her activities as a Mentor and Transformation Guide are enhanced by her devotion to yogic science and mysticism.

what people have said about their experience:

You truly created a high-frequency group resonance and shared benefits that I found immediately effective; I’ve already transferred them to great effect in my daily life and consulting. It was such a pleasure to be able to connect with your wise and loving presence; you are true Teacher, with a capitalized “T” and your research, explanation and training content was inspired & inspiring. I appreciate how you showed us how to connect to the high frequencies of the wordless, taught us how to ground and embody the experience, and each time provided a foundation of science (“new” and “old”, both with citation) that satisfied our left hemispheres. By the way, your grounding methods were particularly helpful to me, personally. Thank you.

Shannon McGaw

Business Consultant

This Program provides a powerful mirror to self with facilitator Athena Melchizedek who creates an atmosphere of sacred trust and unconditional love for truth to emerge. Truly a worthwhile and transformative experience for One and all! I completed the program feeling a remarkable shift in my life!!! Blessings, love, appreciation, gratitude and joy to You Athena.

Amor Luz

Communications Media Professional

Wow! In a few short weeks, I feel as if I’ve progressed years. Through Athena’s transformational process I shed outdated baggage, cleansing and clearing all my energy centers. In this process, I have gained clarity, and have vastly accelerated my ability to manifest positive outcomes in every area of my life!

Through each of the sessions, we safely made energetic advances. As a result, my business flow has accelerated. My ability to feel confident and centered, present to myself and others is greater. My intuition is speaking more clearly and I’m moving into more and more flow.

I cannot find the words to recommend Athena highly enough. She is so humble about her role – and yet she’s also clear she is unique and playing a big game. She has freed me up to play the biggest game I’m currently ready to play. I’m eternally amazed and grateful to beloved Athena.

Julie Fraser

Founder of Lyno Advisors

In November into December 2017, I participated in the Program in six sessions with Athena Melchizedek as the facilitator. It is truly an amazing and transformative experience in conscious awakening. In our small group of 8 people, all of us benefited enormously and you could literally see it in each person’s luminous face as the sixth session ended. It is amazing that a group of virtual strangers can form such bonds of trust and unconditional love that we have. We all want to continue and preserve this precious gift.

For myself, I gained insights into emotional “shadows” that has played out in all areas of my life whether it be family, friends or professional work life. These shadows have influenced my behaviour and decisions and made me less effective that I could have been. By clearing the bases for these negative influences, I can go forward with the full potential of who I really am.

Athena is a wonderful facilitator into quantum life. She is soft-spoken, infinitely patient but very determined not to let you off the hook when you want to procrastinate and not own up to the sometimes-painful process of confronting the negative emotional shadows in your life. Trust me, it is worth it. With Athena, you are in safe hands.

Rolf S. Kevin

Founder of Nordic Bio Group

How can we express our gratitude to Athena for her offer of the six-week program? It was a profound experience! Athena’s program invites us into a new frontier…the inward journey and there are dragons at the gate. Athena has said that we cannot see our shadow and that this work is not for the faint of heart. This appealed to me for having no concept of shadow (couldn’t even spell it…shaddow!) it was an area to explore and understand. What was still holding me back or frustrating my intentions? From past experience too, the greater step out of my comfort zone, the greater the growth and benefits…the gift from the unknown. This journey took us into a powerhouse of grounding, expansion and connection that allowed us to fully explore and understand the tremendous influence of past trauma, patterns, protective habits and blindness that we are only vaguely aware of. In a setting of deep support, trust and openness, we explored the emotional tsunamis, the withdrawals, the misunderstandings that wanted to be released.

With Athena’s strong and compassionate guidance we were given the opportunity to shed the past and we experienced a new level of being fully present. The doors opened to access so much more creative ability, patience, peace and, yes, a new level of happiness. A totally new calibration of being in the flow! These six weeks have ignited a new energy, bringing much work to completion and a sense of excitement as we enter a new year. I fully recommend and endorse the Program that is offered by Athena and welcomes you into a powerful new experience. Shared with love and gratitude.

Gail Pettinger

Holistic Health Practitioner

The Program I took with Athena Melchizedek was transformative. I was able to make a great deal of progress in a very short period of time. It has given me a powerful new tool to add to my treasure chest. I would recommend this class to anyone who is ready and willing to do the work required to release what is holding them back from living their best life.

Athena was fantastic. She is a heart-centered, insightful and skilled facilitator. She did an amazing job of maintaining presence and tuning in to the energies of the group in order to serve each of us optimally. Athena created a space in which I felt safe and supported to explore my shadows. I found doing this work in a group to be very effective. The whole is always more than the sum of its parts. Each person’s stories and challenges provided insight and assistance to the other group members. In addition, the love and support we provided to each other was very powerful. There was no judgment. I think something magical happens when we realize we all have similar challenges, no one is perfect, and we are all in this experience called life together. I encourage you to be brave and explore your darkness in order to bring more light into your life and into this world.

Jacquelyn Dorchester

Yoga Teacher

It has been an honor to journey with you. I feel blessed to have received your generous giving that so purely radiates from your heart and soul. I so appreciate your honesty and transparency. I entered your course with the intention to “walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” to see what I am to see at this time, to see how I show up at this time, and to apply the insights to my life. I have experienced all this AND the ability to create a space of peace, stillness, balance, divine support and the eternal now. I have yearned to unlock the mystery of manifestation and you have provided me with the gift of HARA. I am eternally grateful. May we journey together now and forever more.

Michele Risa

CEO and Founder Collaborative Solutions. New York, USA

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