If practiced daily these practices can relieve the immediate symptoms of your unwanted negative feelings and emotions and prepare you to take on the more permanent solution.


I am so happy you are making such great progress with your practice!

If you feel ready, let’s take another deep breath and one more step forward together into another powerful practice to manage your inner energies – so that you begin to take back control of your thoughts and feelings and step out of fear, nervousness and panic.

This is a truly powerful practice that will develop your sense of strength, security and safety no matter what is going on around you to keep you firmly anchored and supported.

Once you’ve watched the video and completed the practice – take a moment to let me know about your experience – I would love to hear how this was for you.

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Athena Melchizedek

Guide + Facilitator

Athena’s spiritual training began aged 7 and has taken her all over the world, facilitating deep transformation for both men and women.

She is dedicated to your self-empowerment and the development of your evolutionary leadership, supporting your highest vision for your life.