how we really operate

how we really operate

Our exploration of the complex energetics of the human energetic anatomy is slowly evidencing a very different mechanism to describe the nature of our existence than purely a physical biochemical phenomenon.

From the morphic field of a species and its morphogenetic field developed over thousands and thousands of years, to the existence of our individual complex bioenergy field (now able to be measured) and the properties of the powerful electromagnetic energy field of the heart, scientific evidence is pointing us firmly in a direction that demonstrates the human physical being is a complex energetic field of energy interacting constantly with other fields. This energy field is able to transmit, receive, accumulate, and use information from all other available fields.

This means we are using our bioenergy field to interact with others constantly and that we are transmitting and receiving information even if we are not consciously aware of what is being transmitted or received. This information becomes translated into perception by our physical senses and relayed to the brain for processing. If there are distortions in our perceptions because of conditioned thoughts and beliefs already imprinted into our energy matrix, this distorts our energy centers and our energy field and the incoming information will become affected by this distortion.

Our DNA is governed by an environment of organizing waveforms that transfer information through resonance.

This is consistent with holographic organization. If we consider the possibility we are a holographic form in nature and holographic organization is based on a field concept of order, then information about the organization of an object and events in space and time as a whole is encoded as an interference pattern in energy waveforms distributed throughout the cosmic holographic field.

This makes it possible to retrieve information about the object as a whole, or an event in space and time, from any location within the field. In effect, we all hold the potential to connect to all the information in the cosmos.

Our physical body is ordered based on the template of our own bioenergy field resonating with the species’ morphogenetic field. The heart-brain field is communicating with the holographic human bioenergy field, continuously sending information to the brain processor that results in physiological responses.

“Love is the most healing force in the world. Nothing goes deeper than Love. It heals not only the body, not only the mind but also the soul.

If one can Love then all one’s wounds disappear. The innermost core of one’s being can be healed only through Love.

Those who know the secret of Love know the greatest secret of life. “ – Osho


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