all change begins within

all change begins within

This is the first of a series of videos from Awaken the World Film. It is a most beautiful expression of the nature of life and the relationship of the microcosm to the macrocosm.

The outer world is simply a reflection of our inner environment. We perceive through our five physical senses only that which our consciousness is projecting outwards This occurs individually and collectively. and becomes a consensual reality. The content is then relayed back to the brain.

We are simply manipulating energy with our consciousness that eventually concretizes into a material form and is determined by how we intend, think, feel, speak, believe.

We are magnificent co-creators with the Prime Creator.

If we wish to change external reality then we must begin with our Inner World. We have become obsessed with ‘fixing out there’ and judging all that does not fit in with our own conditioned beliefs and values system.

This is why it takes so long for real change to manifest in the external world. We keep trying to fix what is being shown to us on the film screen rather than addressing the projector.

Everything you see externally is happening within.

I trust this film series will help you to explore your Inner World.


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