Light and dna...

A human being lives in an encoded light projection of his or her own thoughts, emotions, intentions, belief systems, memories, and attitudes, manifested into material form.

Because of the connection to the morphogenetic and morphic fields, all beings are constantly contributing to and receiving from the collective consciousness and together producing all that is perceived to be happening in our outside world.

All realities lie within us as individuals and collectively and are mirrored in the matter we produce. We are indeed magnificent creators. Depending on our lens or perspective, the manifested form in the hologram can be changed.

The ability to coalesce and concretize energy into its densest form demonstrates our fantastic ability to co-create and affect matter.

It is perhaps ironic that science itself, with its purpose of explaining the physical and material world, is leading us back to that which is nonphysical and nonmaterial as we see that energy, matter, consciousness, and mind are intertwined and inseparable.


DNA holds the holographic blueprint for our physical existence, together with text and instructions of how to build the organism made available from the morphogenetic field.

This information is held in the form of scalar waves and used by the genetic apparatus to create our bioenergy field template and finally the physical body. All biological processes are a result of electromagnetic field interactions.

These fields are the connecting link between physical matter and resonant geometric patterns, which hold the information of biochemical and bioelectronic actions, and thus our atoms and molecules become informed by energy. Our DNA can be adjusted by coherent light, sound, speech, thoughts, intention, and feelings that in turn affect the biochemistry of the body.

This means balances and distortions can be adjusted and corrected at this level, leading to a harmonization of all the cells in our bodies and optimal physical functioning. Each cell holds the consciousness of the microcosm and the macrocosm in its energy field.

The above are excerpts from the Quantum Keys.


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