My work with groups over the years has demonstrated time and time again the power and efficacy of a group harmonic to amplify and accelerate transformation for all.

It is in our DNA to work in unison, harmony and love allowing our selves to trust and surrender to the creative, evolutionary process of life. The following is a transcript from the 44th Gene Key from The 64 Ways recordings by Richard Rudd based on the book THE GENE KEYS with a few additions from Athena. It is dear to my heart because it is this life purpose and I would like to share its transmission with you as we move into another year of life on the Blue Planet.  


The current organizing principles of life are in hierarchy, this is an inescapable fact. Our evolution as a species is the passage from Hierarchy to Synarchy.


Some definitions:


Is a system in which members of an organization or society are ranked according to their relative status or authority.



Is a system of organization where the elements of the organization are unranked (non-hierarchical) or where they possess the potential to be ranked in a number of different ways. Authority is distributed.

Heterarchies are networks of elements in which each element shares the same “horizontal” position of power and authority, each playing an equal role.


Is a system where there is joint governance, harmonious rule, collective leadership. No ranking.


Ultimately the difference between hierarchy and synarchy is awareness.

Hierarchy has produced competition and control and is based on a fear of anarchy. It is really about relationship and group dynamics. Its distorted versions are typically first experienced in a family situation where individuals either accept the rules and are, either, overwhelmed, submissive and repressed or find a way to manipulate the rules and externalise the fear by being reactive through anger and control. Either way, the overall frequency of fear generally generates resentment that leads to break up in families and organisations to fail.

Is a system where there is joint governance, harmonious rule, collective leadership. No ranking.

When we can embrace these shadows of distorted perceptions that create fear, then over time we begin to draw in our fractal family and begin to self-organise. These group dynamics become more heterarchical and are based on our higher life purpose rather than control, manipulation and fear. Organisation is based on creativity and service in an expansive heterarchy where the individual elements within the system are given their freedom. In a heterarchical system control is distributed organically- horizontally rather than vertically.

Individual uniqueness becomes service to the whole.

Heterarchical processes can carry more information than a hierarchical design as the scientific breakthroughs in how the brain and Artificial Intelligence works now demonstrate.

Control is placed in the hands of the creative evolutionary impulse itself and life starts to self- organise using the inherent divine intelligence inbuilt into the creative process of life. It allows life to rise to its genius level by downloading truth from the quantum holographic field.

But first this must be unlocked in individuals who are still coded in the old hierarchical ways. This means transmuting anything that prevents the self from knowing itself as One with all life. There is need for total Surrender and Deep Trust to find the true human fractal where there is more support for the higher purpose. We were never intended to operate in isolation.

Individual uniqueness becomes service to the whole.

Synarchy means collective leadership. We all lead together. This does not mean we are all the same. It means our uniqueness has its own place in the orchestra and we begin to play in harmony with everyone else. We become aware of the conductor of life from every molecule of DNA waiting for us to follow its lead.

  • At this level there is non- interference
  • We see everything as it is and leave it where it is.
  • We know all life as self-organising.
  • The shadow eventually organises its own breakthrough.
  • Our underlying nature is synarchy.
  • This involves hierarchy, heterarchy and synarchy.
  • It transcends and includes all previous levels and steps.
  • It is the realisation of the perfection in all beings and circumstances

THE SYNARCHY is specific to these times and is a group of beings who have incarnated to catalyse the next phase of human evolution. It is a collective genetic instrument where communal awareness will breakthrough in humanity. It is a living spirit waiting to be awakened within each human being. THE SYNARCHY is where it will be first experienced, demonstrated and manifested.

This is not to be confused with the myths and stories that have arisen with the New Age movement such as The Hidden Illuminati, and various conspiracy theories that may have their roots in esoteric traditions that speak of a secret circles of Ascended Masters and celestial beings that govern the world from a higher place. Remember everything in manifested reality at whatever level is a projection of consciousness.

as above so below; equally as below so above. Everything shifts when we do.

When we realize the truth of our own synarchy, we will create the world in our own likeness.  

We live in exciting, if chaotic, times and there is much for us to BE and DO. It is my privilege and honour to walk alongside you and I bow down to the Divine within you.

Blessings and Love


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