Dr David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D left the physical dimension in 2012. He had a scientific and clinical background but also an advanced state of spiritual awareness and the full Realization of the Presence of God as Self.

Very few people ever reach this exalted state even in these days when many people are proclaiming they are Avatars.

I am inclined to listen to him. Through his vast studies and experiments in kinesiology, he has been able to make a map of the levels of consciousness and calibrate through muscle testing. Through this work, he devised a reliable way to determine TRUTH from falsehood.

Over 250,000 muscle testing calibrations spanning 30 years of multiple research studies conducted by Dr Hawkins for the Institute for Spiritual Research, Inc., resulted in a defined range of values that correspond to levels of consciousness which include well-recognized attitudes and emotions. With a logarithmic scale of 1 to 1,000 and the Map of Consciousness® format that he developed, Dr. Hawkins explains the classification and characteristics of these energy fields to make them easily comprehensible and useful in daily life.

It is most important to realize that the calibration figures do not represent an arithmetic but a logarithmic progression. Thus, the level 300 is not twice the amplitude of 150; it is 300 to the tenth power. An increase of even a few points, therefore, represents a major advance in power.

The ways the various levels of human consciousness express themselves are profound and far-reaching. Levels below 200 are detrimental to life in both the individual and society at large; those above 200 are constructive expressions of power. The decisive level of 200 is the fulcrum that divides the general areas of force and power-Truth from falsehood.

Dr Hawkins has been able to show that until 1987 the collective consciousness of humanity calibrated to below 200 points on his scale corresponding to overall negative states of consciousness – (pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt, shame ) After the Harmonic Convergence in 16-17 Aug 1987, the collective consciousness of humanity rose to 207 and this turn upward on the spiral upward marked an important turning point as it denoted courage and empowerment and an upward swing in the level of consciousness. Today 2018 it calibrates at 217.

Given this is a logarithmic progression this is a huge shift over the past 30 yrs. The collective has some way to go but we are most certainly heading in the right direction.

However, never assume that you as an individual cannot make a huge difference to the whole:

In his book Power V Force 1995, Hawkins cited research to show:

  • One individual at the consciousness level of 300 counterbalances the negativity of 90,000 individuals below the 200 mark
  • One at 500 counterbalances 750,000 below 200
  • One at 600 counterbalances 10,000,000 below 200
  • An individual at 700 counterbalances 70,000,000 individuals below 200
  • And one single Avatar at 1000 counterbalances the collective negativity of all humankind

Please continue to do your inner work and together we will rapidly evolve this beloved planet.







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