Inner Energy Management Part 1

This program introduces the fundamental knowledge that underpins all inner process work and transformation
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Four 20 minute modules provide an introduction to the mechanics of all the the experiential work of transformation offered on this platform.

Module 1 You will learn about your energy field and how physical reality is created

Module 2 You will learn how the mind works; what are imprints; what is the shadow and how this affects all humanity and shows up in your life and in the world at large. And finally you will see how you can overcome dysfunction and ultimately dis-ease.

Module 3 An introduction to psycho-energetics

Module 4 You will learn the full practice of Hara which is fundamental to all process work and a guide to full Presence.

This program is mandatory for all who wish to join a Visionary Leaders Accelerator Pod and for those who wish to participate in the experiential programs Inner Energy Management Part 2 and 3

The program is available in Video,PDF slides, and Audio

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