Inner Energy Management Part 2

Here you will take a deep dive into the unconscious mind, access your unknown imprints and learn how to transmute them.
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Managing your mind, emotions and energy is absolutely necessary to create your optimal life expression.

In this program you will take a much deeper dive into the life issues tabled in Part 1.

A series of 7 x 20 min videos outline the numerous fears, suppressed feelings, how they expresses in life and what the defences are for each of the 7 life issues.

A further 7 x 20 min videos give you the 10 most common imprints for each issue (often buried deep in the unconscious mind ) and Athena will do a transmission to transmute and guide you how to do this for yourself eventually. There are often many layers to these imprints that are time coded to show up with certain people with whom you have a soul contract.

Most people have more than one issue to deal with and some even have them all.

WARNING ! These modules are likely to trigger you and are meant to.

To support your introspection process you will also receive:

A Process Map, Workbook and Affirmations in pdf format

The program is available in Video, PDF slides, Audio

It is highly recommended to do this program while you are attending a weekly Visionary Leaders Accelerator Pod

It is also recommended to study only one Life Issue and its relevant Imprints per week. Do not rush through the material, let it sit within you and allow the process.

Course participants MUST have completed Part 1 of Inner Energy Management; an offering that prepares the way for the deep dive into the unconscious mind necessary to release your full creative potential.

Your next step is Part 3 Inner Energy Management where you will embed 'A New Paradigm' into your DNA and Multi-Dimensional Anatomy to build your sovereignty.

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