The Quantum Keys: Unlock Your Energetic Intelligence (digital version)

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THE QUANTUM KEYS – Unlock Your Energetic Intelligence is an introduction to the science of energetics and explores in depth the current synthesis between science and metaphysics revealing, through detailed multi-disciplinary research, the energetic nature of all life and the amazing truth behind physical reality. It is simultaneously a roadmap for those committed to accelerated personal transformation.

It explains the relationship between energy and consciousness and how, by connecting to the immense power available at the higher frequencies of the personal bio-energy system, physical reality can be transformed and each can elevate their life and the world around them.

The book describes various energetic practices and provides tools that can support and amplify the journey from a purely physical based reality to an embodied multi-dimensional awareness.

FORMAT: ePUB (10MB) with instructions on how to add it to your digital reader like Kindle or your tablet

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