Visionary Leaders Rising Accelerator Pod

Powerful sacred spaces for sharing , integration and support. We were never meant to do this work alone.
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VLR Accelerator Pods for your Empowerment Activation and Support (12 weeks)

Members come together to co-create a safe and sacred space for sharing, integration and support. Together we transform trauma and adversity into collective healing and group empowerment. We use the powerful energy generated by our collective field to activate our inner energy blueprint to build generative and positive structures in the external world of our lives, relationships, businesses, and communities.

These powerful containers are the fastest way to transformation.

Members not only learn, but also fully experience, the energy and consciousness necessary to build the lives and communities of their dreams. In order to transform our external world, the transformation must first occur within. The Accelerator Pods are places of incubation where new vision, clarity and focus are birthed through love, respect, and acceptance for one another, forming a template of the synarchy that will eventually replace hierarchy in our new world.

Pricing options:

All new participants are required to register for at least 12 weeks to build individual and group coherency and gain the maximum energetic benefit from these weekly workshop sessions. After this you can choose one of the package options below to continue your access to the VLR Accelerator POD.

£111 for 4 wks
£333 for 12 wks
£660 for 24 wks

Please note Inner Energy Management Part 1 is a complimentary program that is mandatory before you can enter an Accelerator Pod. If you have not attended an Accelerator Pod before please contact Athena at before you purchase.

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