If you have a deep longing to create a better world, know you are here for this purpose and resonate with the energy of this group then . . .




We are in an unprecedented time in our history when the collective shadow consciousness of the world is being clearly shown and felt by us all as the planet shifts its vibrational frequency

This is a time for us to come together as one global family to PRESENCE, GROUND and CENTRE the co-creation of the new structures of earth

This is not a time to be in isolation or fear but a time for the Visionary Leaders to hold firm, rise and create the new earth we are all dream weaving into existence

Only together can we create the harmonic resonance required to raise all into this higher frequency


You may be an individual, a network or even an existing community

You know that your BEING informs all your DOING and successful conscious creation requires the balance of both

You have an innate calling for continued learning and growth

You are a Vision-Builder and Dream-Weaver. You allow space for vision and imagination in yourself and others to create new solutions to existing problems

You are able to create and hold space that is safe, loving and supporting. The gifts and ideas of others are welcomed and encouraged

You are open to receiving new ideas and are able to hold multiple perspectives that allow co-creation and collaboration .You are supportive, flexible and encouraging

You are driven by the desire to serve and your actions are based on doing what is needed rather than satisfying your own ego

If this is already you, or describes who you aspire to be

is an online membership community of

–  Service, Support & Synergy  –

where you can . . .

Join with like–hearted individuals

who share your passion for creating a better, safer more sustainable world

Share your vision, experience & perspectives

and receive support

Honor Diversity

and acknowledge unique, individual expression

Nurture Creativity

and honour the different stages of the creative process in your life

Realize your desire to co –create in synchronicity

and in synergy with other heart-centered beings

Co-create safe and sacred space

 for sharing, integration and support

Transform adversity and trauma

into collective healing and group empowerment

Use the powerful energy generated by our collective field

to activate our inner energy blueprint to build generative and sustainable structures in the eternal world


Resources You Can Expect

Live Weekly Zoom Meetings

for Gathering, Practices and Q&A

Downloadable Access

to Video and Audio of sessions

Private Membership FB Site

for sharing, discussions and collaborations

Free Educational Offerings

that provide expert tools and frameworks for your success based on heart centered deliverables and practices

Opportunities To Showcase

your writing, poetry, art, sculpture, or other creative works

Opportunity For Experiential Programs

for lifelong learners that support personal growth and mastery

Monthly Group Meditations

for Collective Planetary Empowerment

It’s Time To Come Together


What Other Visionaries Say

Athena is a wonderful facilitator into quantum life. Trust me, it is worth it! With Athena, you are in safe hands.

Rolf S. Kevin

Founder of Nordic Bio Group

Athena Melchizedek creates an atmosphere of sacred trust and unconditional love for truth to emerge. Truly a worthwhile and transformative experience for one and all!

Amor Luz

Communications Media Professional

Your Visionary Guide

Athena Melchizedek is an Author, Mentor, Transformation Guide and Educator dedicated to helping and guiding her clients to transform their lives, projects and businesses. 

For over 40 years her site of action has been the global business arena. She is devoted to empowering, educating and supporting all rising visionary leaders to access their superpowers, expand their consciousness and reach their highest potential to become the great leaders and change-makers of the 21C.

She holds Degrees in Advanced Psycho-Energetics and Remote Energy Transmission and an MSc in Psychosocial and Integrative Health Science yet acknowledges her life experience has been her greatest teacher.

She has travelled and studied widely in the Far East, North and South America, Africa and Europe.

She is a yogini and mystic and published The Quantum Keys – Unlock Your Energetic Intelligence in 2017 describing a pathway to self-realisation and the synergy of modern science and ancient wisdom that characterizes her work.